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Hamilton Beach Kitchen

Reacher Grabber Tool

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reacher grabber tool Strong Grip,Light Weight Compact, Practical, Easy to Use Robust metal pole with plastic grip and handle Acts like an extension to your arm's length No bending, climbing, or straining your back Makes it easy to reach things or to pick up things you cannot bend down to reach Use at work, home, in the yard or in water Can pick up cigarettes and other small item with a weight up to 400g Unfolding length: 33inches/83cm Folding length: 17inches/43cm Ideal to pick up cigarettes, parking tickets Perfect for ground garbage pick up as well Ideal for picking up trash, reaching high areas, high shelves, etc Great mobility item Color: Blue Length Approx: 83cm Package included: 1 x Reach Grabber Tool

reacher grabber tool Material Type: Aluminum alloy Reacher grabber USES the premium aluminum alloy materials, you can pick up 3 pounds, don't worry about grabber could break,it has a very comfortable handle and a rubber chuck, You can pick up small objects in red wine glasses and crevices. After surgery patients or elderly, act not convenient, don't need to bend over you can pickup the garbage in the garden, protection from already of lumbar spine, for children, it does not need to stand on a table or on the steps, you can easily get high objects. Use it for: Picking up trash and litter. Picking up broken glass pieces. Reaching under furniture and beds. Retrieving items in hard to reach cabinets. Picking up daily things such as the newspaper. Plus many many more uses. How to Use 1. The arrow on the plastic part of the folding place is aimed at the groove on the aluminum alloy pole. 2. The aluminum alloy chuck is inserted into the hole in the plastic part. 3. Pull the handle switch, clamp the head to close, loosen the switch, clip the head to loosen. About the product EASY GRABBING: Reacher grabber to pick up items with easy, picks up coins, envelops, trash etc, easily pull the trigger, it starts work, reduces labor intensity, makes our work become easier. EXTRA STRENGTH GRIPPER: Textured rubberized ends easy to grab 3-5 pounds of objects that don't fall off, it can be used to hold a red wine glass without leaving a clip. PREMIUM MATERIAL: Use lightweight aluminum alloy material, reduced labor intensity, wth arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome and need products like this which are easy to use. FOLDABLE DESIGN: Adopt folding type design, shorten length, facilitate outdoor carry, also can collect in the cabinet, make the home puts more neat and beautiful.