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Proctor Silex Kitchenware

vegetable seeds survival packs

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MWP GSF 31M Vegetable
                                    Garden Seed Row Planter

MWP GSF 31M Vegetable Garden Seed Row Planter

*ALL-IN-ONE item that can simultaneously plant and fertilize seeds as well as mark rows
*The unit is Rear-Wheel activated for Positive even seeding!
*Includes 6 different seed plates; 31 common variations in sizes
*Adjustable depth shovel permits planting at each varietys ideal ground depth
*Both wheels are CONCAVE AND CLEATED
*No chain used
*Attached pouch extra seed notes gloves and other needed items.
Holds up to 1 1/2 lbs. of seed or up to 3 lbs. of soluble fertilizer

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