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Hamburger Recipes

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Everyone loves hamburgers--and there's a hamburger for everyone, even vegetarians, in this fun, burger-shaped book. From classic beef with cheese, to Lamb Hamburgers with Artichoke Hearts, to Farro Hamburgers with Curry and Chutney, these 50 recipes offer endless variety on the world's most popular dish. Choose from beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, seitan, tofu, and seafood--there's a new option for every night! The inventor of the hamburger appears to have been Louis Lassen of New Haven, Connecticut, who in 1900 prepared and sold the first example of this dish from his lunch wagon. Since then this patty of ground meat, pressed, grilled and placed inside a soft bun, accompanied with various vegetables, sauces and condiments, has come a long way, spreading globally mainly due to the success of the fast food chains. Traditionally composed of beef, the dish is now available in endless variations: buffalo, turkey, chicken, kangaroo, reindeer, salmon and even vegetarian and accompanied by various combinations that are more or less creative or related to local traditions. It is to this dish, today more than ever a symbol of "global" cuisine, that this volume is dedicated, with its original format that reproduces its shape, part of the 50 Easy Recipes series edited by Academia Barilla. Written with Mario Grazia, chef and gastronomic manager at the Academia Barilla, it offers 50 different ways to make and appreciate a dish that is as simple as it is successful. AUTHOR: In the heart of Parma, recognized as one of the most prestigious capitals of cuisine, the Barilla Center stands in the middle of Barilla's historical headquarters, now hosting Academia Barilla's modern structure. Founded in 2004 with the aim of affirming the role of Italian culinary arts, protecting the regional gastronomic heritage, defending it from imitations and counterfeits and to valorize the great tradition of Italian cooking, Academia Barilla is where great professionalism and unique competences in the world of cuisine meet. The institution organizes cooking courses for those passionate about food culture, offering services dedicated to the operators in the sector and proposing products of unparalleled quality. 60 Colour

NEJE ZJ0074-1 Hamburger Press Meat Patty Mold Maker Kitchen Tool - $9.89

DIY is commonly seen in every field in our daily life! Food is also one of those fields. Would you like to make hamburger or patty all by your own? Perhaps this NEJE ZJ0074-1 Kitchen Hamburger Press Meat Patty Mold Maker is a great helper for you. It is made of high-grade aluminum material with exquisite workmanship, wear-resistant to use for long time. Ergonomic design makes this device quite labor-saving, no harm or pain. Slightly press the maker and you will easily get a shaped hamburger patty. Wow, it sounds wonderful. Give it a try at present?

Golden Honey Wheat Hamburger Buns - Bread Machine Mix - $3.99

Make great hamburger buns or whole wheat dinner rolls. You can mix them in your bread machines. - FREE Website Submission and Ping Service Automatically add your link to 1,288 sites