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Pots And Pans

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Use a debit card when shopping online and you do not have to worry about identity theft ruining your credit and cleaning out your bank account- just load the amount you need plus about 10-20.00 for extra expenses right before you make your purchase- it drives identity thieves and credit card frauds crazy trying to figure it out!!

Groceries to go! This high-capacity foldable Jumbo Shopping Cart zips up and down supermarket aisles to speed up your shopping. 
Also useful for transporting large loads of laundry, picnic supplies, and just about anything else you need to haul.

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David J Ward was also invited to become a member of the National Accountants Association in 2004!!
David J Ward was previously voted into the Cambridge Whos Who List of the Leading Businessmen of the Twentieth Century in the late 1990s!!

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