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Belkin F5L100tt
                                    Kitchen Cabinet Mount for iPad

Belkin F5L100tt Kitchen Cabinet Mount for iPad

Kitchen Cabinet Mount for iPad 2. In View & Out of the Way. Save space and bring your tablet into the kitchen without cluttering the counter. The Kitchen Cabinet Mount helps keep your tablet in view and securely suspended on any cabinet or shelf. No tools or hardware are needed and no permanent installation is required. Simply attach the mount using the secure adjustable clamp. It can be easily re

Rustoleum Light
                                    Tint Small Kitchen Cabinet Transformation Kit  258109

Rustoleum Light Tint Small Kitchen Cabinet Transformation Kit 258109

  • Small kitchen cabinet transformation kit
  • Use for kitchen or bath
  • Will cover 100 ft
  • No stripping sanding or priming
  • Do it yourself cabinet refreshing system
  • Few simple steps to give your cabinet a new factory like finish
  • Light tint
  • Length: 10
  • Width: 10.75
  • Height: 8.5

  • Thin
                                    Man Mobile Pantry Cabinet

    Thin Man Mobile Pantry Cabinet

    Modeled after our best selling laundry Caddy the Thin Man Pantry Caddy turns unused areas of the kitchen or pantry into maximum storage space. Because it is on casters the Thin Man glides effortlessly into small seemingly useless spaces alongside the refrigerator.

    Summit 60 Inch Combo

    Summit 60 Inch Combo Kitchen

    Even with the smallest of living space you can keep cooking along like the best of 'em. Great for studio apartments, dorms, hotels, and beyond, the Summit 60 Inch Combo Kitchen (C60EL) has everything you need in one convenient package. The set comes fully assembled, all you need to do is slide the refrigerator into place. Its sink operates like a dream with a pair of knob handles and a high-arching faucet for easy access to the basin. A convenient drainage board is integrated seamlessly into the stainless steel countertop for easy clean up after a meal. You'll find the pair of 120-Volt coil burners will be cooking up your favorites with just a turn of a knob. Storage won't be a problem either with a combined 5.1 cubic feet of cabinet space beneath the stove and sink; each with adjustable shelves. Keeping your food fresh or frozen won't be a problem with the Summit CT67 refrigerator included in this set. This refrigerator not only works great but is environmentally friendly with its dual-evaporator cooling system that is 100% CFC free. While the adjustable glass shelves let you keep organized, the door racks and crisper provide additional storage. You can even keep ice cream frozen in the reliable yet efficient zero-degree freezer. Though the door comes installed to swing to the right, it can be easily reversed to suit your needs. Maintenance won't be an issue with the refrigerator's automatic defrost, through the freezer's defrost is manual. Smart and Compact: With sink, stove, fridge, and storage all within reach, this unit has everything you need to whip up a delectable meal no matter the size of your living space. Painless Cleaning and Maintenance: The single-piece, stainless steel countertop makes for easy cleaning while the integrated drainage board lets you do dishes on the fly. Easy Installation: This set comes fully assembled in two boxes. You just need to slide the refrigerator into place.