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Metrokane Mighty OJ Juicer

Metrokane Mighty OJ Juicer-As the best-selling mechanical juicer in the world, there's no doubt that the Metrokane Mighty OJ Juicer (3504) will deliver delicious juice with every use. The Mighty OJ makes sure you get every drop out of your favorite citrus by leveraging up to 600 pounds of pressure. Unlike many electric juicers, this juicer efficiently extracts juice without including any bitter citrus zest or oil that can compromise the taste of your juice. The classic design calls back to at time when kitchen appliances were a little more simplistic but still effective, and the Metrokane Mighty OJ Juicer is always sure to complement your kitchen space without taking up too much room. The stainless steel cone and funnel are extremely easy to clean, and won't ever retain any juice flavors. The smooth and solid baked-enamel finish is sure to last for countless years of use. Empowered Juicing: The Mighty OJ is capable of leveraging up to 600 pounds to express juice thoroughly Easy to Clean: The funnel and cone can be removed for quick and easy hand washing Lasting Quality: With minimal moving parts and durable stainless steel construction, this mechanical juicer is built to stand the test of time

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                                    24oz Orange Juicer-Lemon Juicer

CONTINENTAL CE22661 24oz Orange Juicer-Lemon Juicer

Is there anything better then a chilled glass of freshly squeezed OJ first thing in the morning? Or an ice-cold lemonade on a scorching summer afternoon? Say goodbye to those cartons of concentrated fructose and say hello to the Continental Electric Citrus Juicer. Its 24 oz size is hefty enough to quench the thirst of a small group with ease and its juicing cone is sized just right to handle a variety of citrus fruits including Oranges Lemons and Grape Fruit. The reamer operates in both directions to extract the maximum amount of juice possible while the strainer ensures your glass remains seedless and controls pulp levels. When you are done grab the convenient handle to remove the juice reservoir and serve your thirsty friends. The chord wraps conveniently under the juicer for easy and clean storage. Buy the Continental Electric Citrus Juicer today and ditch the store bought concentrates for a much fresher and delicious alternative.

  • Citrus Juicer that will give you freshly squeezed refreshment and works with a variety of Citrus Fruits like Oranges Lemons and Grape Fruit.
  • 24 oz capacity will quench the thirst of you and your friends.
  • Reversing reamer will make sure you extract all the juice possible.
  • Strainer for controlling pulp and keeping your glass seedless.
  • Serve glasses easily with the removable juice reservoir.