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                                    00001 Tailgator Blender

TAILGATOR 82183 00001 Tailgator Blender

TAILGATOR ORIGINAL GAS POWERED BLENDER - Lightweight Plastic Pitcher: Detachable for easy clean-up. Manufactured by Oster and made of ultra strong break resistant Makrolon plastic. Front Mounted Controls: Primer choke and kill switch for easy access. Stainless Steel Blades: Driven by a steel shaft supported by sealed ball bearing construction. Speed: 0 - chill in 15 seconds. Best recorded time to blend a pitcher of ice complete (no lumps) was 11 seconds at the Big Boy Toy Show.
Engine: 25cc Poulan 2-stroke 2 hp with infinitely variable RPM and throttle and speed control.Fuel capacity: 11 oz. Blender Capacity: 48 oz.

Oster 6640-022
                                    10-Speed Blender - White

Oster 6640-022 10-Speed Blender - White

The Oster 6640-022 Blender is driven by a powerful motor that delivers the power required for heavy blending jobs. A 10-speed selection on this Oster 6640-022 Blender provides options to suit various blending needs. The pulse feature of the blender further ensures precise blending.

  • Variable speed options for all of your blending needs.
  • Pulse feature for precise blending.