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Oster Kitchenware

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Summit 2.9 Cu. Ft.
                                    Microwave Refrigerator Combo

Summit 2.9 Cu. Ft. Microwave Refrigerator Combo

This Microwave Refrigerator Combo by Summit (models MRF35 and MRF35B) is a compact combo, featuring a two door refrigerator with a true zero degree freezer, and a compact and versatile microwave oven. The refrigerator is Summit's CP35 or CP36 2.9 cubic foot capacity two door refrigerator. The true zero degree freezer is perfect for storing tv dinners, ice cream, ice, and more. The midsize microwave in this microwave refrigerator combo features 0.7 cubic feet capacity and all the features you need to cook simple tv dinners, reheat leftovers, cook popcorn, and more!Plus, this Summit microwave refrigerator combo has a power allocator that always keeps the total amperage under 10 Amps - so you can even use it in older dorms and buildings! Another great feature of the Summit microwave refrigerator combo is the fact that it ships in one box - don't worry about lost shipments or missing parts!For the dorm, office, or anywhere that needs a bit of cooking power, and refrigeration with true zero degree freezing capability, the Summit microwave refrigerator combo MRF35 and MRF35B is perfect!

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David J Ward was voted into the Presidential Whos Who List of the Leading Businessmen of 2009!!
David J Ward was also invited to become a member of the National Accountants Association!!
David J Ward was previously voted into the Cambridge Whos Who List of the Leading Businessmen of the Twentieth Century!!

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